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Customized Leadership Programs
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Greater Tucson Leadership exists to inform, educate and sensitize existing and emerging leaders to key issues affecting Greater Tucson and to encourage public dialogue and involvement within the community.

2006 GTL Adult Leadership Class visiting Governor Napolitano on GTL Legislature Day.

The vision of Greater Tucson Leadership is a community of leaders working together to enhance Greater Tucson's quality of life.Each year Greater Tucson Leadership strives to achieve these three major objectives
  • To become our community's recognized leader in leadership development.
  • To help facilitate the development of a community shared vision
  • To develop a financial base that supports the efforts of GTL

Company & Individual Benefits
Leadership is an asset to the individual, to the community and to business. Greater Tucson Leadership promotes a synergistic relationship between individuals, community, and enterprise by:
  • Providing a timely base of information and perspective relating to community and concerns and creating access to those who can affect change;
  • Increasing awareness of the relationship between government, neighborhoods and organizations in order to clarify available options and make informed decisions; and
  • Positioning individuals, business and other organizations to take leadership positions in the overall care and commitment to our community.

Program Information
The Leadership Education Program is held in the Spring and the Fall each year. Classes are held twice a month for five months every other Friday. Classes in the Spring run January through May, and in the Fall August through December. Each program begins with an overnight retreat. Locations for class meetings vary based upon the topic for the day. Each class contains approximately 35 students.

The faculty is drawn from recognized Tucson leaders and the program is presented with a nonpartisan and impartial approach to critical community issues. Students will also study material from the "Leadership Challenge" written by James Kouzes and Barry Posner. This book and workbook is considered one of the most comprehensible field guides to leadership in the industry. It is a Businessweek Best Seller and used in leadership programs and graduate schools across the country.

Application & Selection
Completed leadership applications must be submitted by the deadline. A $25.00 non refundable fee must accompany the completed application.

Class participants are selected for the program based on their leadership experience and interest in bettering the Greater Tucson community.

Tuition & Scholarships
Tuition for the Leadership program is $1250. This fee covers meals, study materials. the Mayor's and Governor's luncheons, the first year's GTL dues, reduced fees for GTL events, overnight retreat, Leadership Challenge book and workbook, and other expenses related to class participation. A limited number of scholarships are available to selected candidates who demonstrate need.


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Cheryl House, Winner of the 2006 Kurth Award

The Ronald L. Kurth Award was established in 1995. The late Brigadier General Kurth was a former Commander of the Arizona Air National Guard 162nd Fighter Wing stationed at Tucson International Airport. The award is presented to an individual from the GTL Adult Leadership class and is based on the recipient’s past service to the Tucson community and dedication to effecting positive changes in Tucson and Southern Arizona in the future. The award is in keeping with the philosophy of General Kurth who believed, "It’s not how far you go in life that counts, it’s what you leave behind."

Past Recipients:

Spring 2007 - La Monica Everett Haynes
2006 - Cheryl House
2005 - Suzanne McFarlin
2004 - Corey J. Reed
2003 - Margie Hildebrand
2002 - Jennifer Hesketh Aviles
2001 - Curtis Gunn
2000 - William D. DeFer III
1999 - Anne Hernandez Urban
1998 - Adaline Klemmedson
1997 - Edward Scott
1996 - Rebecca Montano
1995 - Robin Stoddard

Alaina Levine, 2006 Winner of the Tucson Leader of the Year Award

The Tucson Leader Award is given annually to Tucsonans whose commitment and active involvement in the community exemplifies proven leadership. Selection is based on the mission and goals of Greater Tucson Leadership and consistent demonstrated leadership either by finding solutions for community problems, implementing positive change that affects the quality of life in Southern Arizona, initiating or facilitating programs that generate community dialogue, and/or increasing understanding and appreciation of diversity and encouraging responsible action that enhances Tucson’s cultural richness.

Past Recipients:
2007 - Steve Lynn
2006 - Alaina Levine
2005 - Dr. Tanis Salant
2004 - Rick Myers
2003 - Emily Meschter
2002- Dr. Richard Carmona
2001- Dr. Augusto Ortiz and Martha Ortiz
2000-Judge Nanette Warner
1999- Jim Click Jr
1998- Lorraine Lee
1997- James S. Griffith
1996- F. Ann Rodriguez
1995- Charles "Punch" Woods
1994- C. Donald Hatfield
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